Pre-Loaded Tray Whitening Kit

  • Extremely Easy to Use
  • Perfect for Sensitive Teeth
  • Also Available with 22% or 44% CP Gel


Our Pre-Loaded Tray Kit is a professional teeth whitening kit that’s gaining in popularity among non-dentists because of its ease of use and good results. It’s perfect for teeth whitening kiosks. Because non-dentist teeth whitening specialists are not allowed to apply whitening gel, that leaves it to the customer to apply the gel. With our Pre-loaded Tray Kit, the customer simply places the tray in their mouth – nothing could be faster and easier for both the technician AND the customer. The drawback is that our most effective whitening gel for non-dentists (16% hydrogen peroxide) cannot be used with mouth trays, so the results, although good, are not as good as they are with our paint-on system. We offer this kit with up to 44% carbamide peroxide gel or low-concentration hydrogen peroxide gel. For Canada, we offer this kit with 12% hydrogen peroxide gel and 36% carbamide peroxide gel only. The Pre-Loaded Tray Kit is also perfect for customers who have highly sensitive teeth because it contains our gentlest peroxide gel for professional whitening. Features:

  • PerfecTray for Better Comfort and Results
  • Safe for Sensitive Teeth
  • Nothing is Easier to Use


  • 1 – PerfecTray Pre-Loaded with Whitening Gel
  • 1 – Liquid Vitamin E Swab
  • 1 – Dental Bib
  • 1 – Finger Teeth Wipe
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